Brug linket nedenfor eller ring til os på tlf. ( talk ) 04:46, 14 February 2009 (UTC) Have you even read the main source for the urban area list? Areas in Europe have a slow population growth would need a source. I den forbindelse samtykker jeg til, at home kan kontakte mig på telefon. Ghaag ( talk ) 04:48, (UTC) Fair enough, I'm convinced and won't be taking the article to AfD. Putting a column in the main table is less preferable to me but is acceptable. Polaron Talk 13:41, (UTC) Right you are, but it's still contradictory and I'm reinserting that tag. Joe D (t) 10:11, (UTC) This is the edit in which it was added to the list. Polaron Talk 19:21, (UTC) The problem is that no official category like that exists in Croatia, since only Zagreb can really be called a metropolis. Polaron Talk 13:01, 13 February 2009 (UTC) "The urban area list is more reliable" based on what, exactly? Area with that of another which is defined differently. I'll add a tag. I have the feeling that your only concern is that Paris is bigger than London in that other list, which is why you're saying that the other list is unreliable. At the moment the cited sources suggest that the current figures are correct.

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The same can not be said for the other list. Why are you singling out the urban area list when this list itself is even more of a "subjective definition by a non-notable source". OM trafikinformation OG priser, du kan ringe til os på tlf. Stafet For Livet er et døgn, hvor vi sætter fokus på kræftsagen, sammenholdet og fejrer livet. We can't simply have that tag on forever? Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 20:08, 4 September 2008 (UTC) The Aarhus/East Jutland area is more of a planning/cooperation region than a metropolitan area at this stage. So either it should state that it only shows ones over 4 million or the section should be completed. Movia sender løbende nyheder og pressemeddelelser om alle områder af den kernevelfærd, som kollektiv transport udgør. By skal udfyldes, adresse skal udfyldes, fornavn skal udfyldes. Få gratis rådgivning, mandag - fredag. The Vlaamse Ruit is as much of a metrpolitan area as the Dutch Randstad.

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Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 21:32, 4 September 2008 (UTC) The area reklamer finde bruden blæsejob i hovedstadsområdet 'is there as you reklamer finde bruden blæsejob i hovedstadsområdet say, but it still need a better official definition, based on things like commuting, distance, density and. I'm not sure if they can be, that's why I'm thinking of taking the article to AfD where we can get a wider range of opinions. Ghaag ( talk ) 04:00, (UTC) In article may be explained by the term polycentric metropoliatan area. Jezhotwells ( talk ) 18:02, (UTC) List overhaul edit Seeing as many people believe World Gazetteer to be an unreliable source, I am planning to overhaul the entire list. Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 02:12, 15 September 2009 (UTC). Lucpol ( talk ) 16:27, (UTC) Urban Audit is a "functional urban region" approximation,.e. Unsourced changes should be reverted to the fallback figures. Metropolitan area populations could be smaller than the administrative city population in some cases (but not London) where the the administrative cities include large rural areas, however urban area is always by definition larger than metropolitan area. In the largest cities in Europe there are for example Moscow and Saint Petersburg in the top 10, but they are not even mentioned as a metropolitan area in this list. Polaron Talk 14:17, (UTC) New title edit I changed the title of the article to better reflect that the article deals with metropolitan areas. The list below includes cities which are not part of the European Union and therefore do not benefit from the harmonized definition used by Eurostat and the different National Statistics Offices of the European Union." I, and many. Vejdirektoratet nedtager i sex på fyn massage herlev hovedgade løbet af foråret en række af de store, elektroniske tavler, der hænger over motorvejene i Hovedstadsområdet og ved Herning, og som bruges til at informere trafikanterne om hastighed, rejsetider og særlige hændelser på vejnettet. Polaron Talk 13:58, (UTC) Tags are never a solution, they are a temporary measure to attract attention to issues that need to be discussed. ( talk ) 11:39, (UTC). Jeg er bekendt med, at min eventuelle tilbagetrækning af samtykket ikke berører lovligheden af den behandling af mine personoplysninger, som har fundet sted forud for tilbagetrækningen. Stockholm edit Stockholms Metropolitan area has a population of over 1,9 million. 17:34, 8 September 2007 (UTC) The cities of Ankara and Izmir aren't in Europe, and although Turkey is partly in Europe I don't think they should be included in this list. Seriously, this is quite outrageous. Førerløs bus i rute var en passagersucces. The size of London and Pais is the most glaring instance of heterodoxy and the one that brought the list of urban areas to my attention, yes, but I fail to see on what basis you are arguing. Find din nærmeste kræftrådgivning, her kan du se alle vores kræftrådgivninger. If you found an error with any archives or the URLs themselves, you can fix them with this tool.

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They would like to see this region to become a multi-centered metropolitan area. Oecd is the same way. Using official data from the official city websites would be more verifiable and reliable than some noname project that doesn't even state its sources. If anyone has other suggestions, please share them. On the contrary "Randstad" is a long-ago internationally-recognized urban area of the Netherlands. There are links to four other well-regarded sources, in addition to the questionable. I fail to see why mentioning it should be suppressed. I don't believe so much detail regarding intricacies of another list is warranted on this list. If various sources are used, and individually referenced (rather than a private, composite source then the validity of each data item can be (hopefully) verified.

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Helkropsmassage dating i københavn Maartenvdbent 23:42, (UTC) Randstad edit For this page I even prefer the dansk porno site escort falster use of the term Randstad which is at least a metropolitan area. But the state reconising that Denmark has 2 cities whit more than 1 million people. I would also recommend updating the oecd data based on its current definition of metropolitan areas (which it calls "functional urban areas published in 2012. The question is verifiability.
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Reklamer finde bruden blæsejob i hovedstadsområdet Polaron Talk 13:54, (UTC) As espon is the source listing the fewest cities, it might be a good idea not to use it as the primary source if we intend to have a list over cities in Europe. In that case, a "Year of data" column may be needed as well. Danske Regioner, KL og Trafikselskaberne i Danmark afholder miljøkonference i Roskilde. I can find dozens of sources like that but what's the use? Vælg FalsterNykøbing MorsNykøbing find andre hjemmesider.
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